Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lots of Blabbering

Today is the first day that all of the kids are home on break. Thankfully, for my sanity, it's only for 11 days. Then not only do they go back, but I have one more starting his school career! Yes, that is right the little birdie is leaving the nest..for about 4 hours a day. Wooohooo!

Dan called a little earlier to say that he was given his permanent hire on package today. So he was filling that out. Pretty good news there, except I am a little bummed because I found out that the medical doesn't start until he's been full time for 90 days and for some reason I thought since we already filled out the papers for that like a month ago, it would be sooner. I am happy that we will have it at all though.

Remember, awhile back when I mentioned that I would be doing something to my hair but I wasn't going to say what until I actually did it? Well, I ordered the supplies the other day and my friend Suz will be coming down in a few weeks to do my hair! Just in time for our Reno trip too. Which reminds me, I really need to go clothes shopping before we go too.

Speaking of Suz, she was telling me the other day how a mutual friend of ours was checking out jobs in Atlanta. I am not sure if they are thinking about possibly moving there or what. That's a city I would love to visit though. it looks beautiful and I was checking it out online and there is so much to do there. I always think of Good Eats and Alton Brown whenever I hear anything about Georgia though. I love him!

Ok, now that just reminded me that it is lunchtime here so I better sign off before the kids start gnawing on each other's limbs.

Have a great day!

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