Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finding stuff..

I swear I am the biggest pack rat ever! Hey, at least I can admit it right?

I was picking up the clothes off my bedroom floor this morning and I found one of my sons old golf shoes. Just one. I'm not sure where the other one went. Things always disappear in my homes. Not just this one, which makes it really funny.

I remember one time when my oldest, Kyle, was just a baby we lost one of his sandals. We looked everywhere for it, it was just gone. We thought we'd find it when we moved out of that apartment. Nope, it just up and walked away.

But yet, I managed to hang on to a thank you card from my brother and sister in-law for their wedding present... 6 years ago! The funny part? We lived back east when they got married and have moved 2 times since! It magically appeared in my linen closet.. don't even ask. I couldn't even begin to explain how it survived.

Ok well, that's enough of a break for me. I guess I'll be getting back to work.

Have a great day!

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