Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Search Of: A Happy Momma

My mom called me late last night to tell me that she thought maybe the dog passed away. She wasn't quite sure because it was dark and the dog was old so she doesn't really hear or see too well anymore, but she said that she touched her and she didn't move. My mom only had the dog for a few years when she "inherited" her from my dad. My dad and I got her for my 16th birthday and I'm now 32, so she did have a very long life. So, I think it's safe to say that I think that Mom is a little bummed out.

I'd love to be able to get her a little pick me up. She was talking about her hot tub the other day and how she wishes she could use it. It came with the house when she bought it from my brother and he promised her that he would fix it. Well, it's nearing a year now so she's just given up and started looking into having it fixed herself. I am not sure what exactly is wrong with it though.

She asked me if I had seen these hot tub accessories by Spa Scenes and I hadn't so she told me to look them up. I jumped on Google this afternoon and wow these things are really cool! They are spa backgrounds to knock out those boring old spa covers. They can be cut to fit right over the back of your existing spa cover without special tools or damaging your original cover.

I think that I like this one the best, probably because of the purple.

I really think my mom would enjoy something like this for her hot tub and give her a little pick me up at the same time. It might even give her a little more incentive to get that thing fixed so we can enjoy it!

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