Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow, I'm feeling old..

I remember way back when (in the good ol' days), when I thought 30 was old, Imagine how I would have felt about being 32? When it comes down to it, my actual age doesn't really bother me at all. What bothers me is the graying hair and wrinkles. I'm entirely too young for any of that nonsense.

I really couldn't fathom the day where I'd be worried about dying my hair on a regular basis to actually hide something rather than having fun and being different, or about having to find the best wrinkle cream. Speaking of wrinkle creams, there is a thread at DST about this very thing, so apparently I am not the only hot young thing having to worry about this at such a young age.

Ok, now that that random rambling is over let me tell you about my night yesterday. There was an open house at the school so I thought it would be a good way to get out of the house as a family and have a fun time. They were serving dinners for $3.00 a pop. For that $3.00 you got a hotdog, a bag of chips, and a soda. Not bad for only $3.00 right?

Then we visited our son, Braeden's, first grade class. He showed us all their projects they had done, his desk, and read us some books. He's so cute. He loves to read and he will read absolutely everything. It makes it kind of hard when I'm here on the computer to read or write things when he is around.

The funniest thing though, was when he went to introduce his Dad to his teacher. I have already met his teacher on several occasions but Dad hadn't. So his teacher says to Braeden, "Is this your dad?" And Braeden said, "Yes." His teacher asked, "What is his name?" and Braeden starts to say Dan but then changes his mind and says "Well, his real name is Peter....". Here's where we confuse this poor teacher.

Dan's first name is Peter and his middle name is Daniel, but he has always gone by his middle name ever since birth. So, Dan says, "It's Dan... although it depends on who you're asking." Then he turns to Greyson, our 4 year ok and says "What's my name, Greyson?" and Greyson replies "Mud." Oh my gosh, so funny. I wish Dan would have explained why Braeden said his name was Peter though. Poor Mr. Luperine was left utterly confused. I felt so bad for him!!

Anyway, that was my night. Today we are just relaxing at home getting ready for the weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

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  1. So you mean his first name is Peter... aka Dickhead... I knew Dan wasn't right. That explains EVERYTHING! BLAHAHAHAHA You know I love ya ;)