Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I miss my laptop!

Yes, I am still waiting for it to be fixed. Thank you to my wonderful husband who's been putting up with me taking over his computer for the last month and a half.

I can't seem to remember if I posted an update on what happened when they sent the tech out. Short version just incase I didn't, Dell sent a tech out to install the new video card. He installed it but it didn't solve the problem, then I find out they sent him with a downgraded video card not the one that I originally had in there. I need an upgraded video card for the heavy graphics that I do. He then says that he doesn't even think that the problem is the video card at all but possibly the motherboard. So, now they have to come back out with the new video card and if that doesn't work, I am not sure what they will do next.

If by chance they do have to take it, I wonder if I could get them to install more memory for me. I have 2 GB of RAM now but it's sort of slowing down a little so I'm thinking I'd like to upgrade to 4GB. It would be smokin' fast, how cool would that be?

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