Thursday, July 31, 2008

Did I forget?

I was just searching the posts for the past couple of days and I think I actually forgot, not completely unheard of though! After I got back from my trip, I made a comment to Dan about moving back to Reno.. totally not serious or anything. And he says, "Well, it might actually happen.."

I am completely dumbfounded. So, yeah now we may actually be moving back to Reno. I have mixed feelings about it because where I am now, I am close to my mom. We do alot together and she helps me out alot with the kids.

My brother and sister inlaw also live near by and I would miss them and my nieces so ymuch. I do alot of babysitting for them but I truely enjoy it because I love spending time with them. They are a big part of the reason I wanted to move back to California from Pennsylvania.

I don't want to be the aunt they don't know because I live so far away.. although I would be close enough to come home often. But then I have to think about what is best for our family and it's definately not living in California. It's just too darn expensive here.

Anyway, I have been browsing craigslist ads for rentals to get an idea of what we'd have to pay and Dan has been browsing job sites to see what's available out there. I've found alot of really nice looking houses among all the ads for used Harleys and whatnot. I am starting to get really excited. I only wish that we hadn't started talking about this during the summer because now we have to wait til school is over here even though it would be easy to just pull them out and do it now because most of Nevada is on a traditional schedule. I do remember one school being year round but I am not sure if they are still doing that at all.

Ok, well I have to get a move on this morning.. I've got some things to do around here that didn't get done because Dan got off work early so I ended up not finishing my work and just chilling out.

Have a great day!

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