Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm tired

In addition to my long day yesterday, I had a pretty late night. Around 6 pm, my mom called to ask me if I could go over to my brother's and sit with the girls until she got there. Apparently, my brother and sister-inlaw had plans to go out and myn mom was supposed to babysit but she couldn't get out of work on time and had to stay late. She works in San Francisco and we live about 90 minutes away.

So, of course I'll babysit.. how can I say no to those sweet little girls? Besides being over there is much more relaxing! So, I got the girls bathed and into bed and then I was like, "Ok now what?" There was absolutely nothing on tv. You'd think with 8 million satellite channels, there'd be something on.. but no.

I wish that my laptop computer was working, then I could have taken that with me and had some time to get some work done. Yeah, it's still not fixed. Seriously, this is the last time I buy from Dell. It's been a really long time too.

Anyway, my mom finally rolled in around 10:30pm and Guy & Shay didn't get home til after midnight. I finally got home around 1 am and I had to be back up at 7am.

I think someone else is tired too. Liam is refusing to get his socks and shoes on and is now crying because his older brother had to sit on him to get them on him.

I better go and get dressed though, I have to take him to school shortly.

Have a great day!

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