Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Technical Garble..

Last night my husband was explaining to me (or at least trying) why he wouldn't be home after work on Thursday night.

He's got a race to work this weekend and is planning on going up after work on Friday, so Thursday after work he is heading over to his buddy's house to do a little bit of maintanance on the bike before he takes off. Can't have it breaking down on him halfway there now can we? Nope, I guess not.

He also said something about replacing a CAT5e in cable in the trailer. If you don't know what a CAT5e cable is (because neither did I), CAT stands for Cable And Telephone and 5e is the type of cable. It is apparently often used in structured cabling for computer networks.

I think that's about where my brain shut off and my auto acknowledge pilot kicked in because I don't remember the rest of the conversation at all.. I just know I did alot of smiling, nodding, and saying things like "Oh ok" and "uh huh".

I am a little freaked out about Friday because I am supposed to leave around 10 am and I'm still not sure who is going to be home with my kids! My mom will know today whether or not she has jury duty.. please pray for not because then I don't have to worry about who's watching my kids while I am gone. Dan is staying home from work on Monday and she is definately taking them Sat/Sunday while he is at the race.. it's just that Friday I am freaking out about.

Ok deeeep breath.. things will work out. They always do! Ok now I have to run off again and clean up a bit and get ready to go babysit for my nieces. Check ya later!

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