Friday, July 25, 2008

Where did the week go?

Now granted, my week didn't even start until Tuesday but still!

I finally went and got my nails filled. I was supposed to go before I left for Reno but I didn't have time so I was like a week over due and my nails were about to break. I was really surprised that none of them snapped off. I really like this salon I am going to. The guys are super nice and do really good work.

I had a hard time picking a color for my nails. I really wanted to match the color I had on my toes from the pedicure in Reno but they didn't have it in the salon. So instead I chose to get a French Manicure. Apparently, it's been a really long time since I've had a french manicure because now they use air tools to airbrush the white tip. Remember back in the day when they used a little strip of tape across the tip and then handpainted each nail? Ahh, the memories!

I also got my hair cut again. it was starting to grow out and it was really bugging me. It was starting to get to heavy and when it gets heavy like that, it won't hold a style very well or for very long. It's mostly the same cut from before just a little shorter in the back. It's alot like Victoria Beckham's in this picture except hers is a little longer on top but it is similar.

It's longer in the front like this too. Now it's almost time to redo my purple again because it is starting to fade. The girl who did my eyebrows was commenting on how cute it looked. I had been in for the eyebrow waxing just before we colored my hair so I was talking with her about it. I was really surprised that she remembered though.

I better get a move on because I still need to shower before I take Liam to school. You all have a great day!!

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