Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Re-Aquainted....

I was a bit bored the other day so I decided I would try to boot up my laptop and see what happened. So far, it's not being weird.. so that's good. I am not sure how long it will behave for me though but I am sure making the most of it for the time being.

I am sitting here in my living room re-learning how to type on this thing because I have gotten so used to the large keyboard and also because I have my nails done, hehe. All of a sudden, it's gotten really dark in here! I really need to get new table lamps for this room. We've been using the lights from the dining room and kitchen and the dining room light is off at the moment, so I guess that is what made me think of it just now. I saw some really cute home furnishings at Target the other day. They always have such cute stuff.

Dan and I went out last night to Firkin & Beaver for a drink (or two!) before we went to the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It was awesome. Heath Ledger was outstanding as The Joker, I really wasn't sure how well he would be able to pull it off but I was floored. I am sorry that this had to be his last movie as he was still so young but at least he went out with a bang.. professionally anyway. I know he will be missed by all.

On another note- Oscraps will be having some scheduled downtime while we put new servers in place, we will go down tomorrow July, 28th and reopen on August 1st.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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