Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Step One-

Remember not too long ago I was teasing you guys with the knowledge that I planned on doing something new and fun to my hair for my Reno trip?

Well, not only did my supplies arrive today but today is also "Step One" day.

What is "Step One" Day? Well, Step One is dying my hair back to my natural hair color *gasp*, I know! Something, I never thought I'd do. I haven't had my natural haircolor in at least 16 years. But, never fear.. this won't be lasting very long. I just needed a dark one color base for my new doo.

What color is it you ask? It's called Dark Golden Brown.

I look ever so lovely right now. I didn't have a shower cap at home and I couldn't find any at the store so I have resorted to the plastic from the toilet paper 4-pack that I bought. Are you imagining it? Isn't it beautiful? And no, you're not getting any photos.

While I was at the store, I saw that they were selling Alli diet pills. I personally can't take diet pills because most of them interfere with my seizure medication but since this one came out I wondered if it actually worked for people and if so, how well? I looked into diet pill reviews but I really like to hear and see real life testimonials.

Anyone out there taken Alli?


  1. ROTFL - Blythe that is too funny about the plastic from the toilet paper rolls!! You do what gotta do to get it done right? I can't wait to see your new do!

  2. Hee hee!!! TUESDAY!!! I can't wait!

    Oh, and K has taken Alli and likes it.

  3. Oh... I took Alli!! That stuff is some sassy stuff!! Remind me tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it. BWHAHAHA!! And I can't image what that toliet paper bag looked liked on your HEAD! BWAHAHAHA!!

  4. re so funny! I haven't have "real" hair color (not counting roots of course) since I went back to a brownish red (and ya know- that isn't my real color anyway, but just not blond) 10 yrs ago.
    And the TP rolls buhahahahha!!