Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow.. how did THAT Happen... And is it Tuesday yet?

Only Monday?? Damn. Oh well.. only 24 more hours to go to Step 3.

Today is my little boy's first day of Kindergarten. We leave for his first day in about 45 minutes. For the last 2 or 3 years I've been saying how I couldn't wait for him to start school and maybe I could get some much needed stuff done with only 1 kid left at home. But as it has approached.. I've been finding myself a little sad. Just a little though. It started when my mom and I went to Target on Thursday and bought him his first backpack.

I know he will have a wonderful time, I will get over it fast. He is so smart and gets bored easily here at home and thus gets himself and his brother into trouble (I call them Trouble and Trouble Jr.).

I already know his teacher because Braeden had her 2 years ago and I adore her.

Greyson will have her next year... wow... soon I'll have NO kids during the day! I'm not sure where the time went.. I think I subconsciously blocked it out.

Anyway, I better get a move on.. I'll be back with pictures, I promise!

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