Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a new way of shopping online using the website It is an easy way to pay cash and shop online without having to use a credit card or give out your personal information.

You just go to the eBillme site, do your shopping and check out as you would normally but instead of entering in your credit card information you just choose the eBillme option.
Once you complete your order you will be taken to a new page that gives you all the information you need to pay straight from your checking account. For new customers, you will have to take this information and go to your bank and add eBillme as a "New Payee". That part is a one time thing, once is set up all you have to do is make your payment.

This is a great option for those who don't like to give out their personal information online or their only option is to pay straight from their bank accounts. The demo they have walks you through it all, it is pretty simple.

Also, because I shopped from, I qualified to receive a $20 gas card good on a future purchase. With times like this, that gas card will definitely come in handy!

I got a card reader for my camera using, I am very excited about being able to finally make this purchase. I cannot wiat til it gets here.

I am always losing my camera cable and I hate having to switch back and forth between my Wacom tablet and my camera all the time. Sure, I could buy a new cable but I have 3 of them.. I just can't locate them at the moment and I know as soon as I buy one, I'll find them. Go figure!

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