Saturday, July 5, 2008

Step 2

Step Two of my total hair makeover is.....

A Stylish new cut!

Sorry for the bad pic.. had to take it of myself and that's all you're gettin'!

Today my brother invited me (and my whole clan) over to his house for a BBQ to celebrate our younger brother's and my son Braeden's birthdays. My son's (7th) was on Thursday and my brother's is on Monday. I just loved how he invited me.. first he forgot to call me and my mother reminded him. So he calls and says, "We're having a bbq for...blah blah blah.. and since it was Braeden's birthday too, you HAVE to come." Oh gee thanks.. love you too. Ah well, it was nice of him anyway.

So, my mom and I took the kids over there and spent the afternoon/evening at their house. The kids played, I got to visit with my gorgeous nieces, and I didn't have to cook. We had steak, salad, macaroni salad that my SIL made (YUM!), rice, and sweet white corn. Yes, my brother is a bit of a carb freak. My sister-inlaw busted out the Sangria and sprite and made us some yummy drinks.

Then it was cake time! My mom bought a Cold Stone ice cream cake. They are SO yummy. We've bought 3 of their cakes in the past year. My brother busted out his new hi-def camcorder to record my niece singing Happy Birthday Unca Doo, it was SO cute and my brother is such a gadget junkie!! It was pretty nice though, I might need to get one of those for myself!

Braeden got some new clothes from Uncle and Auntie and perfect timing too because he starts back to school on Monday and now he'll look super cool for 2nd grade! Wow.. 2nd grade.. how did THAT happen??

All in all it was a great night and now I am so ready for the weekend to be over and get all these kids back to school!

Have a great night.


  1. How fun!!!

    And on Tues I will take a pic of step 3!!!!!!!!

    Hair looks cute so far! ;)

  2. cute hair--
    and your SIL sounds like someone I need to meet too- Sangria! mmmm