Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holy Crow..What a day!

I feel like this is the only type of post I ever write but when you have 5 kids.. everyday is a LONG day. It's like the war of all Mom wars and here I am putting on my suit of armor and stepping out into battle with a blindfold on.

It is so hot here, it's not even funny. Yesterday, our high was 103 degrees and when I checked the current temperature at 11:00 am it was already 98 degrees. I have to walk to take my son to Kindergarten and I also have a 4 year old to drag along. My 14 year old is out on break right now, which you'd think might be somewhat of a help but he's a teenager.. they don't really help.

I spent the morning coding a Wordpress blog for a friend.. this took more time than usual because the theme was a custom theme and wasn't "widget-aware" so I had to code everything by hand.

Then I had to take my 5 year old to school in this sweltering heat. More coding..which is now done by the way and I am moving on to more complicated and head-banging-on-keyboard projects.

Insert kids jumping off couches and on to siblings, cartoons, lunch, and lots of screaming HERE.

My ever so lovely husband is now home from work. My sister in-law just picked up my 7 year old for a nice long drive down to LA. They are going to watch a friend run in a marathon, go to the beach, and then convientently detouring through Disneyland. It's his birthday present, otherwise I wouldn't let him miss school.

Now we are deciding what to do about dinner.. I have to order groceries later tonight so there isn't much in the house. I'm thinking cheap, fast, not terribly hot, and cheap.

How was your day?

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