Saturday, July 26, 2008


My knee is starting to bug me again. It usually only starts aching when it's really muggy out and it's about to rain. People always look at me funny when I start predicting the weather because it's always a day or two in advance and the weather is usually sunny and clear.

I had a little roller skating accident and messed up my knee. I was in a full leg brace and on crutches for about 8 weeks and now from time to time it still gives me problems. Now I just take a higher prescription dosage of Motrin for it but back then, they gave me these pills that were so huge they reminded me of the horse supplements my grandmother used to give her horses. They were huge I tell you!

Dan and I are supposed to go out to a movie tonight and now with my knee acting up I am not sure I will be able to wear my favorite shoes. So I guess it's flip flops for me for a little bit.

Oh well, I guess it's a good thing I like my flips! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

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