Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking At Rental Homes..

I tend to torture myself from time to time by looking at rental homes I can't afford. It's more like a reminder of the things I want to work towards so that I am reminded of what I am working towards and it keeps me going.

So, I was poking around and I came across some images from the Hilton Head rentals website. Man, those places are NICE! Expensive but really nice. They are vacation rentals not everyday living rentals but still it's nice to dream right? I wonder if they are covered under the Trendwest time share thing my mom bought into.. that would be one way of living the dream!

Tomorrow I am finally leaving for Reno! I am so excited.. only 11 more hours to go. Don't be surprised if I don't hit the blog until I get back. I am not sure how much time I will have while I am gone.. or if our hotel has WiFi.

So have a great weekend and I'll see ya on Tuesday!!

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