Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am home...

Let's start with Friday. Jen and I took our sweet time getting up to Suzanne's to pick her up. We stopped at Starbucks for a much needed coffee and hit up Target for a few minor things before we left town. You know things like accessories, extra toiletries, and shoes. Yes, shoes are a necessity!!

Finally, about 2 and a half hours later we got up to Suz's to pick her up which resulted in another 30-45 minute stop so we really didn't get "on the road" until about 2:30-3:00 pm.. which is why we didn't actually get checked into our hotel and in our room until 7:30. But you can bet we were on the casino floor by 8:30!

Friday night we walked through the 3 connecting casinos, Circus Circus (where we stayed), Silver Legacy, and El Dorado. This is where we started our mighty collection of Player's Club cards. Now, this is a must do if you're ever in Reno or Vegas because they give you all sorts of promotional items and comps.

Saturday we couldn't really sleep in too long because we had spa appointments at noon. Suzanne and I both had spa pedicures and Jen got her eyebrows waxed. Then we went down to the new mall area and hit up Old Navy, who was having a really great sale. They had all their clearance items marked down 50%. I picked up a new pair of denim Capri's and 2 new shirts for less than $15.

Saturday night we ate at the Romanza Italian restaurant which is located inside the Peppermill. The food was pretty good, a little overpriced but our service was horrible. Our waiter was personable but we felt ignored. It took them about 15-20 minutes to just get our read and we had 2 other tables get served and leave before we did.. one of which was actually served food before we were. We didn't have terribly complicated meals either.

We only stayed at the Peppermill long enough to get our club cards and played for an hour. Then we headed back down to the strip to play and drink some closer to our hotel. Suz called it a night around 2 am and Jen and I didn't get back up to the room til about 3 am.

Sunday, we got to sleep in since we didn't have anything planned and weren't checking out until Monday. We slept til like noon and didn't get out of the room til nearly 2. We got some "breakfast" and headed back to the casino. I think we played for awhile and then back up to the room to change into nighttime clothes and then back down for more fun and food I am sure.

Monday, we had brunch at IHOP and then we scouted out tattoo shops because I have been dying to get another and it's been 8 years since my last. The first shop we went to looked really busy and we had passed another smaller shop just around the corner that specialized in cover-ups and custom designs. So we went back there and I got a very decent price for what I wanted and he did an amazing job. Not to mention the tattoo artist was some serious eye candy.. hmm yummy.

I was covering up a really stupid little thing I did on my arm when I was 15. it was faded and old so it covered up really well. You can't even see where or what it was. Ray was even impressed with himself.. and you know that says a lot. It is a little chain of 5 purple and yellowish-orange flowers, all with 5 petals each and connected by a little flourishy vine. I promise to post pictures when I get them back. Jen took before, after, and during photos for me.

After the tattoo we headed home. We had one last casino to hit on the way out of Reno, The Atlantis. We got our player's cards and played for a little bit and left. Now, I just have to hit up all the las vegas hotels and my collection should be complete!

We did make one last stop at Harrah's/Harvey's Lake Tahoe because when we signed up for the cards in Reno we got a whole strip of coupons, one of which was a $20 free slot play comp. So we spent about an hour playing there and then we were really on our way home. We got back to Suz's about 7 pm and I was home around 8:45 pm.

We had a really great time and I can't wait to go back. I am already designing my next tattoo, hehe.


  1. Sounds like a fun time! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Now where is the picture of the tattoo???

  2. Sounds like alot of fun!! I wish I could have been there!!