Friday, December 7, 2007


Hmmm I love Cake!!

Since it's been a good couple days since anyone has thrown up and Dan is working a race this weekend so I figured it would be a good time to make Liam's birthday cake. So Liam and I went into the kitchen and made his cake. I measured out all the ingredients and let him pour them in the mixer.

After we poured in the mix, he asks "Can we get the frosting now?" lol. After the batter was done mixing he asks, "Can I wick (lick) it??" I "No, you can't wick it, it has raw eggs in it," she says as she wipes up a stray drip off the counter and "wicks" her finger. Such a hypocrite I know.. it was good though.

I can smell it.. ahh there is the timer, time to go turn off the oven! Oh by the way, incase you were wondering.. it's Vanilla Rainbow Chip.

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