Thursday, December 6, 2007

I hate it when they do that!

Ok AMC fans- are ya with me? This may contain spoilers so do not read if you have not watched today's show (air date 12.06.07).

Ok, FINALLY Adam found "Kathy's" birth certificate underneath his sofa in the library.. after how long? A year now? I think Adam's maid needs firing if she couldn't bother to clean up underneath the sofa.. can you imagine the dustbunnies?

However, this is the PERFECT oppertunity for Adam to redeem himself in Tad's eyes and win Krystal back w/ baby Jenny in tow. I kinda knew it was coming because of how much Julia & Kathy were playing in Tad's life recently.

But of course, they drop the bomb and find the certificate 15 minutes before the show ended. I will say that I am thankful that today is only Thursday and I don't have to wait for Monday to find out what is going to happen but you know they are going to drag this out until Christmas time. Why? Because Father Clarence will be back and he always has to lead us to the good. I do love that role though.. I just wish they wouldn't drag it on for SO long.

Arg! Ok.. i think Im done with my rant LOL.


  1. Ok so I had missed a few episodes this week..but I did catch todays, and I had hoped more would have been mentioned about the Adoption certificate or whatever it was..but as always they leave ya hanging lol

    I agree though...better maids for Adam haha

    So what do you think will end up happening now that Tads getting all protective of his lil lady? Maybe Adam WONT let it be known? Of course it will drag out for another 1-4 years haha.

    Gah I love/hate being so addicted, I even have john watching lol..he loves it!!


  2. Dan won't watch with me.. but that's ok.. I'd rather he didn't. He's always got some sort of commentary LOL.

    As for Tad... I think he's just gunna end up sticking his foot in his mouth but I think he's gunna go after Krystal again for full custody of Jenny.

    I wished they showed more of that.. i would have LOVED for Julia to have actually seen what that was she picked up.

    Do you think they are gunna find Zach and Greenlee soon? And OMG.. please tell me I was not the only one bawling thru the scenes with Emma and her grandpa. She is SUCH a cutie pie. Annie looks hot with her hair dark lol.

  3. I LoLed when Julia picked it up and opened it like she did..but then didn't look at it...I'm sorry but If I were to drop something and someone picked it up and opened it instead of just giving it to me I would have went off haha...dang nosy ppl!

    Emma is so perfect for that part...shes one of the cutest lil girls I've seen on these shows yet...very touching. And as for her mamas hair, I wasn't so sure about it till yesterday..but whoever did her hair for that episode did it well..totally HAWT:)

    I'm wondering whats gonna happen with Zach and Greenlee...I kinda think they will end up with some sorta friendship/something else maybe?

    I dunno...I'm sure It will go on for a while.

    On a different note...cause I must have missed some episodes when Zach's Ex came back to town again...remember when she was freaking out and ready to leave and asked Zach for a baby? Do you think he actually did the deed with her?
    It was kinda left for our imaginations.

    I haven't heard anything since so I'm curious.

  4. Re-Zach and Hannah:

    When she came back to town there was a little mystery there but her n Zach had it out in her office one day and it came out that he did not cheat on Kendall and he turned Hannah down. She left in a huff b/c she felt like he owed her that much. So when she came back she claimed to have been "over" it but she really came back b/c she was looking to hurt Zach. So then she started working for Adam.. yada yada yada.

    Ryan and Johnathan were so cheesy as FBI agents LOL! I was crackin up.. that poor guy looked like he was gunna have a cow (lol moooo)!

  5. Well good for Zach! I could have swore he felt guilty enough that he would have given in to her.

    Boy that would have been a story line I would have liked to see...12 years down the line have her come back to town with his son...or..maybe even her die and the son come to find dad lol.

    Ryan and Jonathan crack me up sometimes!! Loved the way Jonathan looked at the guy on his way out haha... Poor fella!