Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stuff that makes you go Hmmm??

Hey y'all. Sorry for my lapse in bloggies. The sickies have hit our house and we are all getting over the flu.

But I do have a little something for you today! Thanks to my good friend Pamela for showing me this and giving me a good giggle.

There is this stuff called Gelli Baff and it's this stuff for your kids baths. You pour in the powder and it turns your bathwater into Nickelodeon looking you-cant-do-that-on-television gooey slime. And then when your kids are done sloshing around in goop, you pour the Goo Dissolver in and it magically dissolves the goo back into water.

And the best part is.. it doesn't stain your kids! LOL, that lil bit just made me giggle, because my kids turn themselves different colors very well on their own. They don't need much helo in that department.

There's a video commercial too lol. Here have a look. I can't embed the video for the kids version here so scroll down a little bit on the website and watch. However, they do have an adult version as well.. Gotta say it looks relaxing.. and it's purple. Purple Goo.

This one I CAN embed.

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