Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas...

And you should see my house.

Which was clean (ish) before we left the house, and Im sure it was until we all got home. I went home with my mom because we wanted to watch a movie and Dan wanted me to relax before he had to go back to work. So, my mom brought me home around 11 and ALL the gifts were on the kitchen table.. I was entirely too tired to put anything away, not to mention there's really no where to put it so I just went to bed.

This morning before breakfast nearly every single package was torn to bits and toys everywhere. UGH. Right now the kids are quietly playing with some of their loot. So quiet that I am afraid of what they are really doing lol.

We got some fun pictures of the kids yesterday.. this one is one of my favorites. I took this one over at my mom's house. I love the look on Greyson's face... and Liam's little innocent devil grin is too cute.

A few Dan took over at my Gramma's house...

Our niece, Lexi-

Her new 12 day old sister, Makayla.

Our 6 yr old, Braeden.

Hope you all had a fab day.

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  1. Very sweet pics!! I hope the kiddos are enjoying their new toys!!