Friday, December 21, 2007

Tick Tock...

That would be the sound of my biological clock ticking away. All this new baby stuff happening in our family has me really missing having a newborn. Call me crazy but the newborn age is really my favorite age. They are so soft and cuddly and dependant. Alot of new moms don't really like the dependant age, which is where the crazy comes in.

One of my favorite things was wearing my babies. I absolutely loved it and so did they. I don't know what I did before baby slings. I didn't have anything like it with my first 2 kids, I got a Baby Bijorn as a gift with my third but it was so hard to get in and out of and it didn't last very long. I had a ring sling with my 4th but my favorite was my wrap. I was able to use my wrap with my 5th son all the way up until he was over 2 years old and he absolutely loved it. His favorite position was piggy back. He'd ride around the grocery store on my back.. once he even fell asleep! I got so many nice comments about it, it was great!

Even now that I don't have anymore babies, I am still a huge adovcate for baby wearing and attachment parenting. I think that this style is so beneficial to everyone and it's just how I was raised, it just seems so logical and natural to me. My kids are some of the most independant kids and I think alot of that is because they feel secure. They know that I am always here when they need me.


  1. You know, I KNOW your boys, they are VERY independent! And look at my monkey...ap'ed as well and pretty darn independent for someone who still needs his diapers changed! LOL

  2. I had a Maya Wrap and loved it, but these newer ones, like the one you pictured look so much more tidy:) What was your favorite brand...I have a gift to buy soon and this would be perfect.

  3. Norton-

    The frist one I had was a Kissasling which has since been discontinued. The second one was a wrap that was just like the Moby but made with a non-stretchy material. I really liked my ringsling and had no problems with it at all other than with the wrap I was able to use it longer.

    The one I have pictured is by

  4. TY Blythe~! Must also try the cake balls and LOL will probably blame your blog when I step on the scale after the holidays...JK