Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Moment of Insanity...

And I'm not sure it will be brief.

Last night, I took the older boys to Target to spend their gift cards. I had one to spend too from my brother. Instead of Kyle getting silly toys that would get lost or broken... I let the child get a pre-paid cellphone. And it wasn't even his idea!

I mainly did this in hopes of instilling a little responsibility in him.. or rather allowing him to have a little freedom in hopes that he'd take things a little more seriously. Otherwise he gets it taken away. I really don't think children need cellphones, however I also need to know where he is and be able to reach him.

Right now.. I have the phone. I have not activated it yet and I am not going until his attitude improves. So far this morning he has not shown me that he deserves it... and yes I am regretting it already. It's kinda like a bad hangover lol.


  1. Oh No!! I dread the day I have to make this decision!! LOL

  2. My 2 oldest--13 and 11 both have a prepaid minutes tracphone and it's going surprisingly well. The 11 year old is super responsible with hers, but I bought it because she participates in sports and I need to know sometimes what is going on. The 13 year old is a little more free with her minutes...and then they dwindle down and she has to regain some control because I'm not buying her more for a while...she'll have to part with some of her cash if she wants to waste by texting her friends all hours of the day. Good Luck!!!