Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Pretty Stuff

I have been thinking about buying a little bracelet for my new niece, Makayla, who is going to be gracing us with her presence really soon. Big sister Alexia has one with her name on it and I wanted to get her something to match. Also a little something for Lexi, when her sister comes so she doesn't feel left out. Could be a great Christmas gift!

I found this fun little site where I found a little something for Auntie. It's so cute, butterflies and all! Even comes in assorted colors, I am so all over one in purple. You know, to match the ring and pendant I have my other eye on.

They have all sorts of fun things there too, they've got bracelets, pendants, anklets, sports jewerly, wholesale fashion jewelry, the list goes on and on. Reasonably priced too.

There is my happy enabling post for the day. Enjoy!

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