Friday, November 30, 2007

I Completely Forgot!

I have a little funny for y'all. Everytime someone makes a referrence to my having a large family, my mind always goes blank for a witty comeback.. but not this time! Although it's really not that witty but it was funny!

The scene: Thanksgiving in a State Park with IL's and family friends.

Someone asks DH if we are Catholic. I overhear this from the appetizer table where I am talking to someone about Ebay and eating cheese n crackers. I say, "what's that about us being Catholic?"

DH says, "Oh so-n-so asked if we had so many kids b/c we were Catholic." I say, "Nope and we're not Irish, or Mormon either. We just don't have a tv."


  1. I love it! My favorite comeback is " No we just do it like rabbits." That is my hubands response. They already assume we are vulgar why not add to it