Monday, November 26, 2007

Cool Bedding!

I'm thinking about getting new bedding for the entire house, except for the two little boys because I just bought them new dinosaur bedding not too long ago. My boys are so hard to buy for and they never end up liking what I pick out, go figure they are teenagers!
So, I thought I wish there was a site where you could customize your very own bedding. Sure enough there is. Their teen girls bedding is pretty cool, I want this one for myself however I don't think my husband would like it very much but it sure looks cool!

I do have a teenage niece that would like it though. They have alot to choose from and great stuff for boys too. You can customize any of the designs and you can even use photos! That is pretty cool for us digital scrapbookers, we could even use our layouts and have them specially printed on to the bedding. How cool!
They have lots of other products too, photo throw pillows, photo dog beds, all sorts of fun goodies.
Well, I am off to drink my coffee and clean my house before I do too much damage shopping! Have a great morning.

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