Saturday, November 17, 2007

Suck It In!

This was actually pretty funny..

The other day after dinner, I sat down to do some design work and couldn't figure out why my jeans felt so tight. I hadn't eaten very much at dinner, my jeans were new so I knew I hadn't gained weight, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I got up out of my chair to go change into my house pants and be more comfortable. I took off my jeans and it was then that I realized I was still wearing my body slimmer. No wonder I felt bloated!

What's a body slimmer, you ask? Well.. they are somewhat similar to corsets, and they help smooth out those little buldges we get from having kids. I have had mine since my wedding.. probably the only thing I have left from my wedding! But I'd like to get a full torso one because mine tends to fold over the top of my jeans and well, it's just not very comfortable.

Ok, break's over, coffee is ready and I need to get back to work! I've still got alot to do for the November Grab Bag. Have a great day!

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