Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weightloss check in..

Well, I am still going at it. Although the weight is lingering longer than I'd like it to. It was so much easier to lose consistantly when I had someone sucking all the calories out of my body, literally! Hehe.

I did lose this week though, just a little. I've been thinking I might re-introduce some exercise into my routine to see if that helps. I can't seem to locate my old Walk Away The Pounds dvd's though. Kids have been using em as frisbees everytime I turn my back.

We do have a little gym here at the apartments. It's not much though. They have a couple of treadmills, a stairclimber, a bike, and some free weights. I can do the treadmill but not very fast and not for extended periods of time because of my knees. I have an old injury that flares up if I put too much pressure on it. I do what I can though.

I guess we'll see what happens next week. Wish me luck!

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