Thursday, November 22, 2007

Houses and Such..

Hope y'all had a great holiday!! We had a blast. First, we went out to the Henry Cowell State Park for our annual Thanksgiving Day Potluck. had a great time. The kids ran around for hours on end, went on a hike, and watched the steam engine that they had running.

We had this whole huge conversation about real estate and how the market is so crazy right now. Tons of foreclossures everywhere, houses on the market forever because no one can afford to buy anything right now. Someone said that the Boulder real estate market is really bad also. Around here there are SO many for sale and bank owned signs, so I totally believe it.

I wish I could afford to buy one myself since everything is at pretty much an all-time low. There are quite a few houses in our area that are bank owned and I so want to snag one!

Ah, well maybe someday!!

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