Friday, November 30, 2007

Romance and Embarrassment

Ok, y'all it's time to have a little fun. I promise to keep it clean, mostly anyway!

Awhile back, during my Mom's move to town, I found a little package (unopened) of "Romance Dice". Yes, I did find this a little disturbing being my mom and all but hey, they were unopened!

I wasn't sure what to do with them at the time so I stuck them in my pocket and went on doing whatever it was that I was doing. Well, I don't think I have to say that I forgot about them.

I get home and I'm doing what I do best, just regular old mom stuff and I reach in my pocket and I'm thinking "What IS this in my pocket" so of course I pull it out. Once I realize what it is I'm turning 8 million shades of purple because my kids are around. I have two kids who understand what things like this are now because they have reached the age where they're going through "Maturation Education" at school. Oh. My. Gosh! Talk about embarrassing. So I shove them back in my pocket.

Ok, so fast forward to today. My 6 year old, who is off from school on his winter break, finds the dice and comes waltzing in the living room with them. Well, SOMEONE taught this child to read and he reads everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING! I think you are getting the picture here. I didn't think I could be more embarrassed considering what happened the last time, but boy was I wrong.

Now, on a slightly different subject, my birthday is coming up. I was lucky enough to be born in the month of love and romance. Yes, that is right, February! I wasn't however born on the most romantic day of the month, or even the entire year! My birthday is Groundhog's Day. Yup, you read that right.

I am sitting here wondering what kind of wonderfully romantic thing my lovely is going to do for me this year. He used to get me freeze dried flowers, I loved those. One thing my husband used to do for our anniversary was get me a bouquet of fresh flowers with one rose for every year we were married. I loved that. I wish he still did that. The last one I got was our 4 year anniversary, we've been married 11 lol. I think he stopped doing that because I might have said I didn't really like fresh flowers because they died so fast. I wouldn't mind pretty silk ones though.

Hey guys, what kind of sweet things do you do for your wife on her birthday? I know the man is reading, give him some ideas!

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  1. ROFLMAO Mom, you got some 'splainin to do. ROFL