Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Over The Shoulder

Today is the 100th anniversary of the BRA!

Did you know that most women these days don't truely know what their breast size is? Now, if you regularly go in for fittings every time you bra shop, then this statement isn't for you but most women don't know.

I actually do know, but does that stop me from wearing the wrong size? Not really. Why? I don't know, I guess becuase I recently spent a large sum on brand new bras after losing a bunch of weight. I do however, have a select few that are the right size and I wear them religiously.

Just for the fun of it, I like to shop for things I want but can't nessecarily buy right this second. I fully intend to buy these things, just very slowly. So, today I was "window" shopping for bras.

Did you know, according to this article here, that all women should have "at a minimum three: One to wear, one in the wash and one on standby. Then add more so that you have seven to 10 bras that fit well and you can wear regularly." Very informative article by the way.

Back to the bra shopping, I don't really do my "shopping" in one specific store, I like to shop around. So today, I stumbled across a brand called Prima Donna Bras. Very interesting site. It has lots of information on the history of lingerie, anything and everything you ever wanted to know about underwear.

This bra in particular caught me eye, what can I say I like pretty things.

Isn't it pretty? I thought so too.I love that this site caters to plus size bra-wearers, not alot do so it's nice when you find really pretty and sexy undergarments in your size!I'm going to keep on perusing and maybe find some new stuff.

Have a great night!

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