Monday, November 26, 2007

Another for the list..

Of things I want for Christmas! I have actually been wanting one for quite sometime and I think they would make excellent gifts. What is it? A digital photo frame ! I know alot of digital scrappers have done this and have a nice little slideshow of their layouts to have on display. It's also great because you can update the photos whenever you need to.

I would really like to find a square frame if possible so that I don't have to redo my most favorite layouts.

Like this 8.4 inch digital photo frame for example:

This one has even got a built in speaker and you can get an additional memory card with it too.
My mom would really like something like this. She could display all 7 of her grandbabies in one frame. I think I know what she's getting for Christmas!

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  1. My Mom has one and loves it. It's great cuz all my brother has to do is to add new photos to the disc. It's a great gift.