Thursday, November 8, 2007


I have been in desperate need of a new vacuum cleaner. We had a really good one but it only lasted us about 4 years. I was about to get it fixed when my lovely son decided to cut the cord with a pair of wire cutters.

Then I bought a cheapo $50 solution at Target one night because I couldnt take it anymore. It clogged up like nobody's business so DH brought a bigger, buffer one home form work. That worked out well for awhile, then it bit the dust (pun totally intended lol). And he brought an even better one home from work.. the same brand as the cheapo from Target and it very quickly got a deeeeep clog. I'm thinking this brand isnt very good.

Now, Im leaning towards a Dyson. I've heard rave reviews on it.. and they even have one that comes in *gasp* PURPLE! So I was on the website this morning, poking around to see what they had to offer and I saw they have a new feature on the site where you can order vacuum cleaner parts which is a huge plus for me! I think the Dyson is probably the only vacuum that could keep up with the dirt my kids track in the house lol!

I guess we'll see what Santa brings for mommy this year!

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  1. I have the "purple" dyson. LOVE IT!!!! My carpet is still disgusting, but it's not the vacuums falt. It trys so hard. I just live in a house full of pigs.