Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Um Yeah....

Edited to re-tract statement that my DH is a packrat... (Shaking head..ppsst he made me say that)

My home went from looking like semi-tidy to looking like I just moved in. And that is NO lie lol.

My DH works for a moving and storage company. He is the warehouse supervisor. Occasionally, clients will abandon their vaults. Usually it's just crap, so they throw it out. Sometimes we find interesting things and DH likes to bring them home. He is by far a worse pack rat than I am.

One time he brought home a freezer. Ok I lied, TWICE he's brought home a freezer. The first time it was an 8 ft tall freezer that had been previously owned by Baskin-Robbins (ice cream; 31 flavors). We ended up freecycling it b/c we couldn't have it here at the apts. This second time he brought home a smaller freezer and it's out on our back porch. Anyway, he likes to bring things home.

Today, he was supposed to go from work to his other job at the race track. Instead he came home with like 10 boxes of stuff. This time it's semi useful stuff, mostly for the kitchen. But right now, half of it is all over my house b/c it all has to be washed before putting it away. There was some interesting things in there.. things I'd not have bought myself but might use if I had them. So now I have to take up cake decorating.

Baking supplies galore, which is good b/c I have 2 bday cakes to make next month (2 kids having bdays). Holy cow.. I just realized my son is going to be 5 in exactly one month. Wow.

Ok anyway.. I am now the proud owner of:

  • 3 sets of new dishes
  • a set of REAL silverware
  • some french crystalware
  • new (to me) pots and pans
  • tupperware (the old kind.. flashbacks from my youth)
  • some various pieces of handpainted china
  • table linens
  • silver candlesticks & about 30 candles for the candlesticks
  • an electric wok
  • a canning pot and jar grips
  • fondue forks (because my kids needed a weapon in which to kill each other with)
  • lobster crackers and forks, which DH now says I have no reason to not buy lobster and cook it. I told him "they are expensive and they scream, there's 2 reasons!"
  • a lead crystal paper weight from 1976
  • some hand painted collector plates with dogs on them
  • various cake plates, all glass
  • a marble carving board to match the marble lazy susan/cake stand he brought home last time.
  • Christmas know for the christmas tree we AREN'T getting.
  • rice steamer
  • a couple of pyrex casserole dishes... which I promised not to let my mom explode in the oven.
  • a hot air popcorn popper.. which is actually a blessing b/c the one I bought is psychotic.
  • sewing stuff... because I sew and all lol. (I dont really sew)
  • a cookbook on how to make anything and everything on the face of the earth out of chocolate.

I think that's about it.... where in the world I am going to put all of this.. I don't really know.. but I have one idea, although I think DH might find it painful. :) Just kidding..sorta.

Then I went out to pick up pizza.. I came home to a nicely set table and candlelight. So we ate pizza all civilized-like by candlelight with linen napkins.


  1. Carjazi - aka DianeNovember 3, 2007 at 11:01 PM

    Sounds like a pack rats dream. At least you got some useful stuff.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  2. WoW! Thats alot of stuff. But most of it sounds like you can put it to great use.. My husband too is a pack rat, I would hate for him to have that kind of job. He would end up brining everything he found home lol.

  3. LOL - congrats for this great stuff!

    hope you enjoy it for a long time!

  4. Toooo funny, well sounds like you got lots of goodies :) I'm w/ you on the screaming lobsters..ain't gonna happen in my lifetime lol!

  5. lol about the fondue forks!! My kids will stab at each other with just about

    AKA Aimeemomof2

  6. Shawna BlankenshipNovember 4, 2007 at 3:24 PM

    You are cracking me up!!! Lots of good stuff! I'm a huge pack rat and get excited about anything that's new to me! Good luck finding a place for it all!


  7. I stopped by my friend Heather's blog and then bopped over here and fell off my chair laughing....LOVE your blog!!!

  8. Sounds like you've got lots of "treasures"! :) But hey - at least you didn't have to buy i right?!? LOL