Friday, November 16, 2007

Momma's Cranky...

So, apparently I am somewhat delusional. How's that for an opener?

My lovely SIL took my 13 yr old and 4 yr old (read: 2 most difficult children) yesterday for an overnighter. They left at like 6 am to go to work with Daddy, where she would pick them up. That leaves me with only 1 child at home during the day, since the other 2 are at school. Boy, was it ever quiet!

So, the one child I am left with, is not much of a morning person and often climbs in bed with me and goes back to sleep. Which works out great since I am not much of a morning person either. (my mother once dumped cold water on my head when I wouldnt get outta bed for school lol)

However, things did not go according to plan.. everyone kept waking me up! First it was DH.. you can only imagine what HE wanted at 6 am. Then it was the kids. Then once G and I were back asleep and snuggling, I got a phone call at 7 am which my 11 yr old claimed was important, so I took it. And then I went back to sleep for another hour.

Poor G, wasn't sure what to do without his evil twin here to reak havoc with him.. wasn't quite grasping the concept that he wasn't HERE and kept insisting we wake him up.

"We have to get Wee-umm"
"He's not here."
"Let's wake him up!" as he heads back upstairs.
"He's not here. He went to work with Daddy."
"Is he in your room?" (mind you we just came from there..)
"No, he's not here. He went to work with Daddy. In the truck. Bye Bye"
"Is he in Kyle's room?"
*sigh* "Let's go Eat breakfast"

Finally, things are going smoothly.. we watch some cartoons, play some games, check some email... then as I am trying to actually get some design work done, he sticks his lil face in mine ans proceeds to tell me all about alien robots. And then starts wiggling my pinky finger so I can't type. Ok kid.. I can take a hint. Then he asks to play on the computer, I say ok.. he climbs in the chair and decides he no longer wants to and goes to play in his room quietly. Ok whatever, I'll take it.

Fast forward to today.. Greyson decides this morning he's going to be cheery and perky at 7 am all the while mommy was up and down all night b/c it was freakishly hot in the house so I opened the windows.. then it was really cold so we had toclose the windows. I did not sleep well at all.. so yes I was looking forward to snuggling with my munchkin and sleeping in as long as possible. But no... not today. Right now, he has a box on his head, which he is pretending is a "funny hat".

Coffee is not even helping right now.. I have work to do and no mojo to do it. I've got my grab bag coming out in less than a week and some other stuff I need to have done.. UGH!

Here's the part where Momma gets Cranky lol. I think I will go kick my husband for awhile.. Im sure that will cheer me up a bit :)

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