Friday, November 16, 2007

Home Banking

For the longest time, we have been with the same credit union. Probably for about 8 years now. It was a great set up for us for a long time but it's been a struggle because they are an out of state credit union and it's not a chain, so there aren't any branches, or even atm's we can use without paying a crazy fee. We've had to jump through hoops just to change our account information. Really, now we only use it to get DH's paychecks since it's direct deposit.

A couple months ago, I opened an account at Washington Mutual (WAMU) savings account so that I could transfer my design money from paypal to my account. I was so happy with everything that I decided to open a checking account as well. The online banking makes setting up bill pay and transfers SO easy and I can get email alerts if my balance is getting low. Thier customer phone service is great too, very nice and very helpful.

Not to mention that I can find a WAMU branch just about anywhere I go.. gotta love those free atm's!

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