Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ooooooooohhh Spoooooky!

So how was everyone's Halloween? Did you all have fun? We did.. we got off to a rocky start but that is a whole other post. We went TOT-ing in my mom's neighborhood and we had some pretty cool decorations out there.

One house had some cool Halloween outdoor lighting going on. They were skulls.. way too cool. My 6 yr old didn't think so though. I'm not sure why but he wasn't too into it this year. he wouldn't walk up to nearly any door..even if there weren't any decorations. He was convinced every house was haunted. I think I have something or someone at school to thank for this lol. We lasted about an hour out with the little kids before Braeden decided he'd had enough and wanted to go back.

I let the big boys go off on their own this year, trying to give them a little more leash this yr since they are getting to be teenager-ish,

I didnt get too many pictures but I can fake some more later lol. I did manage to get this lil cutie though... my hero!

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