Friday, November 23, 2007

Houses and Moving

I get email updates of local for sale listings in our area. I don't know why, I guess I just like to torture myself lol. Anyway, I saw this amazing home for sale and I want it! It was a 4 bed 3 bath two level home, completely redone inside with a fullyupgraded kitchen. \

That wasn't even the best part, the best part was the backyard. I kid you not, it was like the size of a small park. The house itself was 2550 sq. feet but the lot size was almost 7000, WOW!! The boys would have a "field" day playing soccer or something out there! it was ONLY 500K too.. I know right, only? Although,if you think about it, that is what my mom paid for her house and it's alot smaller, so it's really a good deal. As long as you have a spare 500K laying around. :)

That reminds me, I saw this advertisment for this mover NYC company, that just cracked me up. The name of the company just struck me as really cute and funny, so I began to read about them on their site. It's pretty cool, the woman who owns it sounds like a neat lady with a great sense of humor.

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  1. Your too funny!!

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