Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Somethings

Ok, I lied.. more enabling :) Click to enlarge and everything is loaded up in my STORE. I am way too exhausted to link up everything that was in the sack lol. See below for long winded explanation.

My 6 year old got the stomach flu on Wednesday or Thursday, too tired to remember. Luckily for me, this child is the most well behaved sick person ever. He lays there and sleeps. He didn't get hit very hard with the bug, he threw up a few times, refused all foods and slept for about 12 hours straight and was fine the next day.

Fast forward to Friday night, DH goes out to a hockey game with our 11 yr old and his sister, it's over late so he spends the night at his mom's. Ok, no problem. Well, when Alex (11 yr old) is gone Greyson (3 yr old) doesn't sleep well. He's a cuddler. We tried getting him his own little toddler bed, he slept in it maybe a week before he decided he like a warm body next to him better.

Anyway, so around 11 pm, Greyson wakes up fussing and I took him up to bed with me. No big deal and I'm not surprised. I have trouble falling asleep and probably don't even fall out til 1 or so. About 4 am Greyson wakes up fussing, and then it happens. He pukes. He did manage to not do in my bed at all though so that was good.

So, then I gave him a bath, threw the things he did throw up on in the wash and try to get him back to bed. Well, that didn't happen. I was wide awake, having to go from a dead sleep into Mommy mode so I decided just to get up. I took him downstairs to watch cartoons on the couch.
I made some coffee, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and made some jell-o. I figured I better make it now so it'd be ready for breakfast.. or whenever he decided he was hungry. He ended up throwing up in a bucket every 20 minutes for the next 4 hours.

So, anyone that knows me knows that I am an epileptic. Most of my seizures are brought on by lack of sleep. My having only 3 hrs of sleep was not a good thing. DH is gone this weekend working out of town, so I am alone with 3 small kids.

I called my mom at 7:30 to ask her to come get the 2 non-sick children so that I can take Greyson and go back to bed. So she does. She was going to take Liam (5 yr old) out for his birthday, to lunch and a movie so she just included Braeden as well.

About 2:45 pm she calls me and says "Guess What?" Ugh this cannot be good. Liam threw up his whole lunch. Luckily, it was in the bathroom and not in the middle of the table or on the floor.

So, she's saying she's gunna bring them home but Liam insists he's ok now and wants to go to the movie. The movie isn't for awhile yet so she decides to walk around the mall and see how he feels. He throws up in the middle of the mall. Ugh. Home they come.

Mom sticks around, we had Chinese food and watched a movie. The movie was called "Invisible" it was really good, rent it.

Liam fell asleep around 6 and took a good nap til bout 8pm. Then he woke up and had some jello.. then he puked and then diarrhea set in.. so he's sitting on the potty with a bucket in front of him literally. Poor kid. So my mom took the Lil ones and Alex with her to her house so that I wouldn't have to be up all night with 2 puking kids.

So I slept til 9 am and then I started cleaning like a mad person. I cleaned both bathrooms, my room, primed and painted all the walls with "artwork" on them and now I'm washing all the bedding so we can make the beds and then I can start on the rest of the laundry.

The kids are home, no one's puked in quite some time. I have 2 kids asleep, one on the couch and one on the floor. They others are watching The Santa Clause and eating pizza. Gosh, I hope everyone sleeps good tonight.

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Oh girl! When it rains it pours! I hope all the boys get better soon! And you get some sleep!


  2. Holy toledo.... This does not sound fun. So I guess you did not have a great Sunday. I sure hope that you get some sleep tonight...

    Have a great Monday!

  3. Oh my! My weekend was boring, and I was feeling crummy about being bored but I guess I'll take bored any weekend over what you went through! I hope everyone's better and you all get some sleep this week. Happy Holidays!