Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deck The Halls

Today, I got a break!

Amazing right? My husband was so sweet to me today. He banished me to my room for the entire morning, where I sat with my laptop half watching "The Prince & Me" and surfing the internet. He also brought me breakfast in bed and kept the kids downstairs and out of my hair.

Then my mom came to pick me up so that we could go buy Alex's birthday present, pick up some Christmas decorations, and we also had to pick up his birthday cake. Yes, it is my baby's birthday. He is 12 today. Twelve years ago, I gave birth to an 8 lb baby boy! Anyway, that's another topic. Back to the decorations.

We went back to the house and put up the new Christmas lights that she just bought. Dan brought home a box of lights from work and I wanted the boys to put them up on our porch but when we tested them only half the strand worked so we couldn't. I would really love to get some of those LED Christmas lights. They use so little energy and they can be used all year round. They cost about $50 to operate 2000 LED Christmas lights for 8 hours a day for a year! Sounds good to me.

Oh and I got my Christmas shopping done finally too! I cannot wait to watch my niece open her gift from us, it is way too cute! I love giving gifts.

Anyway, I am off to bed. I hope you all had a great weekend and have an even better week!

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday to your BIG boy!! Sounds like a NICE relaxing morning!!