Saturday, December 22, 2007

Get your groceries online..

I love having this service available to me. We have, which is the local chain near us. The only downside is that they usually forget 1 or 2 items. Normally, they are silly things I can live without or can get away with buying later but this time they forgot one of the more important items I really needed this week...they forgot the toilet paper. They also tried to give me someone else's jello fruit cups. That mistake I caught. I told the driver and he took them with him.

So now I have to call in the morning and get them to reimburse me for the toilet paper because I did get charged for it. And I forgot to get soda and frosting because I need to make more cake balls and I need caffiene lol.

Here's what I love about,

  • I love that if I have a set amount I can spend, I am able to see what is in my cart so I know when to stop.
  • I love being able to get it next day or even same day if you order early enough.
  • I love the promotions they offer. Sometimes I get free delivery or a free item.
  • I love not having to go into a crowded store during the holiday oh-my-gosh-i-forgot-this-season.

My only wish is that they would take their time to make sure the orders are correct and even double check it if need be. I will continue to use this service because overall they really do a great job. They are always on time, if not early, and their drivers are very considerate and helpful.

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